Friday, April 18, 2008

wrong wrong wrong

Dr. Dawg said"But now--what about using libel laws to shut down speech you of which you disapprove? Let's talk about the other half of the problem, namely nuisance suits by the well-heeled that no ordinary citizen can afford to defend? Like, say, this one".Freedom of expression does not allow for damaging someone's reputation based on false statements - that's libel. Your link to the action by Mr. Levant has nothing to do with freedom of expression or freedom of speech or differences of opinion. Statements of fact have been made. Ezra may have a case if he can show these statements to be false. Unlike the HRC, this is a real court with centuries of established precedent. It's sad when people don't know the difference.DUCATIS2R 04.17.08 - 8:14 pm

Ducat, Yes we all know what alleged libel is and it is you Sir that missed the point. One can easily abuse the court system and use it to ones advantge and thus stiffle free speech. Even if the foundation of the system is centuries old.This suit would be a slapp suit in the USA and you know it.
You dont own your own reputation the public domain does.

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