Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sue and being sued.

I read today on that Ezra Levant is being sued by Richard Warman. I find that truly unfortunate . Yet I wonder how many readers are aware of another law suit? This is one is not against Ezra Levant or Richard Warman, no in fact it was launched a few months back by none other than Ezra Levant, and I am a defendant in that action-along with the local Calgary news and entertainment weekly publication FFWD.
I am the defendant for writing a letter critical of Ezra Levant and for that I face a $100,000 defamation lawsuit. While I could use qualified privilege here and post the entire statement of claim, filed by Ezra Levant, I choose not to in the interest of fairness.
I ask you the public to be the judge here. Here are a few choice quotes from Ezra- food for thought.

"Warman’s not just suing me" "Warman’s goal is breathtaking in its chutzpah: he wants to muzzle the Canadian conservative Internet. It’s not just his goal – it’s the goal of the CHRC itself, and its friends at the Canadian Jewish Congress, who have stated their goal is to “tame” the Internet."

..."But good luck with those kind of shenanigans in a real court, with a real judge who’s wondering why his time is being wasted adjudicating a political dispute with no legal merit dressed up as a defamation action".

"I’ve got a few more things to say about the Statement of Claim, but for strategic reasons and for legal reasons, I’m going to save them for my Statement of Defence".

"If you would have asked me late last year what I was going to do with myself after shutting down the Western Standard, I might have had a few guesses. But I never thought I would be fighting off a human rights complaint from radical jihadis in Alberta, and a defamation action from a radical censor in Ontario -- and trying to get our politicians to listen. But I’m up for the fight -- I just need help paying the lawyers"."

end of quotes.

The fact is I have costs too in order to defend my right to free speech in print. I could use any financial support thrown my way- PLEASE!

email me merlet at shaw dot ca

bye for now-dinner is ready and almost time for the Flames game.

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