Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ezra barks up the wrong tree

Commenter "Kriilin" points me to this website, that has a YouTube clip of me on last week's CTV pundit's panel. I like partisans, and Don Boudria is as loyal a Liberal as they come, but every once in a while there is a news item that just can't be jammed into a "blame the other party" message. The strange case of Brenda Martin is clearly one of them.
Here's the clip."

You can see it at

While he raises a good point about scoring political points at the behest of a Canadian in a Mexican jail-Ezra has essentially done the same thing.
While a local Calgary Muslim woman anguished in misery after crashing her school bus and in the end causing the death of a young girl-what does Ezra do??? He writes a column in the SUN berating the woman for wearing a hijab. Oh no no political point scoring there no not at all.
Search in google "Ezra Levant fired from Calgary SUN" to find the article.

I smell fish.

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