Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
A mutating human-rights monster shotgun blog

Meantime, April 9 is shaping up as a real red-letter day in the human-wrongs industry, as Ezra Levant has revealed he and other are being sued by Richard Warman.
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I love the post by Jeremy today-very well said:

Mr. O'Neill,
How can Warman suing Levant and others for defamation be a human "wrong"?
According to Mr. Levant, the whole problem with Warman heretofore has been his use of kangaroo instead of "real" courts.
Mr. Levant would be a more sympathetic martyr were it not for the fact he sues promiscuously in the very court he now finds himself called to for freely expressing HIS opinions -- something he is not too crazy about others doing. Ezra Levant believes in ME speech.
Mr. Levant has been bang on in his battles with the HRCs. However, to complain that this serial litigator is now a victim of a human wrong because he is being sued via the very defamation law he lauds is ludicrous.
Please think before signing off your posts with what amount to hero-worshipping throw away remarks.
Posted by: Jeremy 9-Apr-08 9:16:01 PM

btw GO FLAMES!!!!!!!

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